Third-party Middleware

Here’s a list of notable nREPL middleware you might encounter in the wild.

Make sure you’re using the latest versions of those middlewares, as all of them added support for nREPL 0.4+ fairly recently.

Clojure Editor Support

  • cider-nrepl: A collection of nREPL middleware designed to enhance CIDER (and Clojure editors in general).

  • refactor-nrepl: A collection of functionality designed to support editor refactoring features.

  • sayid: A powerful tracing/debugging tool. It is a great alternative of CIDER-nREPL’s basic tracing functionality.

  • iced-nrepl: nREPL middleware to support vim-iced.

ClojureScript Support

The following ClojureScript REPLs are leveraging piggieback internally to provide nREPL support.

HTTP Support

Deprecated Middleware

This section lists middlewares that were somewhat prominent in the past, but were replaced by alternatives down the road.

  • nrepl-middleware, part of ritz that provides a variety of nREPL middleware supporting various enhanced REPL operations (including apropos, javadoc lookup, code completion, and an alternative eval implementation). (superseded by cider-nrepl)

  • Javert provides a basic object inspector. (superseded by cider-nrepl)

  • nrepl-profile: profiling middleware, which was eventually integrated into cider-nrepl.

This list doesn’t aim to be complete. You can find more 3rd-party middlewares listed here.